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Sugarcan Juice

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 Jadu Shokti: Our priority product. Jadushokti will be served to the rural people via vans. They will be provided clean and chilled. Our main concern is providing it fresh and make sure that consumers realize how hygienic it is. This product is priced very low compared to other available juices anywhere. Targeted at the rural people especially on field workers like farmers JaduShokti is a low price affordable juice to provide them energy boost and nutrition at the least price possible. With a serving quantity of 200ml it will be quite filling and refreshing for consumers.

 Shaad Chanchollo: This Product is targeted towards people with low incomes living in metropolitan areas. It is priced at a very affordable rate. Since they cannot consume the high end health drinks or have disposable income to spend behind pricy juices, they can consume our product as a means of refreshment as well as health drink. Our 200ml juice should provide the enough energy to be efficient and work and stay healthy.

Shaad Blaze:Blaze is our premium product. This product shall maintain the sustainability of our whole project. This premium juice comes with added lemon and salt to give its taste a more tropical blend. Not only does this gives the product a unique taste it also adds up to nutrition value which might help to attract high end customers. This will be exclusively packed in high quality packaging. Our premium high end product will be available in 250ml and 500ml packs.

 Paper Bags: Our paper bags are targeted to replace polybags from the market. These will be provided at almost half the price of polybags. These paper bags will be biodegradable and will not be harmful for the society. They are highly heat resistant and can almost endure heat up to 100degree Celsius. They are water proof as well as oil proof. Being microwave friendly and…...

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