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Suger's Nineteenth Glass Window: Large-Stained Glass Windows

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During the Suger’s day, Chartres Cathedral in total had 180 original stained glass windows. The stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral are still remarkably well preserved up to today and become the richest collection of Gothic stained glass windows in the world. Its windows were filled with “dense stained glass panels” to create a dark but colorful interior. Due to their outstanding cobalt blue color, they are also known with name called “the blue from Chartres”. Though the Cathedral consists of 176 stained glass windows, there is only three that are most well known not only for the “the secret formula” of having the cobalt blue color, but also for their countless narratives behind those illustrations. The chosen artwork is “Notre Dame de la Belle Verrière”, which was created in mid 1100 AD and rescued from the catastrophic fire in 1194 AD in which it was damage dramatically and nearly was destroyed.

It has another name is “Our lady of the beautiful window” is or ”Blue Virgin Window”. Along with the Rose Window of the North …show more content…
“Blue Virgin Window” features the Queen of the Heavens and the Son of God as the central attention framed with angles around, the Holy Spirit as a dove shines above, and stories about Christ are below. The Virgin takes a main role in the window in which her beauty is praised all over Europe and is considered as an symbol of ”veneration” ( As mentioned, “Blue Virgin Window” ’s stories are read from bottom to top and left to right. There is no source specifically explains this mystery. However, according to Orowan, glass does flow and it result in a window is usually thicker at the bottom than the top because glass is a liquid. Presumably, then, this is the reason the narrative on stained glass window is normally read from bottom to top, due to its

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