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As a result of the above analysis, it is vital that Vietnamese government promulgates acts and decisions to provide Vietnamese exporters the foundation to fully harness the opportunities brought about by TPP. In the event of this, we have come up with some suggestions and recommendations as below.
First, the government should promote scientific research in order to apply the innovations in agriculture, hence helping to reduce cost, boost the productivity and give Vietnamese exporters the competitive edge in the international market.
Second, the government should continue to modify and simplify the Land Law, Enterprise Law, discarding all the redundant procedures and regulations, so as to allow producers, exporters to focus on producing and exporting activities, increasing the business efficiency.
Third, the government should promulgate new policies and make the present regulations, laws related to foreign investment more transparent, to attract more foreign investment to help modernize and upgrade the production technology and infrastructure.
Fourth, the government should develop an export-oriented strategy, which means investing in the forecasting activities of the international market and keeping a close eye on the forecasts from credible agencies. This will provide the exporters with a fairly reliable assessment of the market. As a result, they can develop the appropriate production plan and export strategy so as to meet the international demand.
Finally, Vietnam enterprises need to actively gather more information related to the agreement by participating in the consultant process through Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, negotiators and economic scholars. Besides, it is urgent for enterprises to provide training to improve labor force skills, along with setting out the compatible objectives to international economic integration. Enterprises...

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