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Suggestions of Behavior Management

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Suggestions of behaviour management problems:
Two behaviour problems seem to dominate during Community Languages Schools lessons and have been brought forward by teachers several times.
Students arriving late to class
Students who are coming late to class, are disturbing already started lessons. These students have difficulty following what has been happening during the lesson so far and might start disturbing the class even more. Teachers have to take the time to explain what has been happening in the lesson to the late student which also might lead to the other students to misbehave as they are getting bored.

* Talk to the other teachers about this. Does it occur in their class too? * Your Community Language School might like to write a school policy about arriving late to school. e.g. three times more than 5 minutes late gives a warning. 5 times late and the student is not to attend school for the rest of the term or has to wait to come to class till the break or… discuss consequences with the other teachers and staff. * Older students might have to write a report why they are late. This can be done in the community language or in English. * Younger students, the teacher has a simple form he/she can fill out with name of student, date and how much being late. These can be kept in the teacher’s folder. Maybe if this occurs 3 times, there could be letter send to the parents, notifying them of the disturbance of their child being late. Or first the teacher could talk to the parents about this and if it occurs again then a letter from the school could be sent. * A late student might have to stay back in class during break time or at end of class to catch up on lost time. * A late student can come into class quietly and has to sit until break time on a special desk next to the door as not to disturb other students by walking through the...

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