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Suicide Bombers

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Suicide Bombers

What makes a suicide bomber? Is it religions upbringing with promises of paradise in reward for acts of martyrdom? Is it the parental support he or she receives for his convictions? Is it society with no means of fighting back against oppression and humiliation? ( In this paper I will discuss the characteristics of a suicide bomber, their mission, as well as discuss suicide attacks.

Suicide Bombers Suicide bombers are said to believe that God sends them on their missions, and by the time they are ready to be stopped with explosives, they had reached a hypnotic state. ( As one can see, religion is a powerful factor. Though the Koran teaches against taking one's own life, the suicide bombers are seen as martyrs and are said to be living in the heavens. ( However, it is stated that suicide is forbidden in Islam. However, fighting oppression is commendable, harming innocent bystanders, even in times of war, was forbidden by the prophet Muhammad. ( Suicide bombers are very complex. They are never justified in their actions. According to Yediot Aharonot, this is the profile of a typical suicide bomber: 1. 97% of the suicide bombers have an academic education and an additional 28% have at least a high school

Female Suicide Bombers

Suicide bombers have become today’s weapon of choice. Middle Eastern terrorists are using suicide bombers because they are low cost, low technology, and a low risk weapon. Suicide bombers have also become readily available, requiring little training, leaving no trace behind, and strike fear into the general population. The success of suicide bombers depends upon...

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