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Suicide In The Film Girl, Interrupted

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In the movie “Girl, Interrupted” the main character Susana, attempts to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of vodka and ends up in the hospital. Susana’s doctor recommended her to a mental institution, where she could recover from her mental disorders. This mental institution is a private medical hospital crowded with people with many mental disorders. Polly has been burned with fire on her face. Georgina is a pathological liar. She is not completely rooted in reality, she believes all lies she tell. Daisy is sexually abused by her father. Lisa is a sociopath. She has a personality disorder, she is extremely antisocial and loves to make people feel bad about themselves. Lisa escaped multiple times from the mental institution and having access to personal medical files. Sadly Susana follows Lisa's footsteps. …show more content…
The techniques that people use to avoid unpleasant emotions are repression, denial, projection, displacement, regression, and sublimation. Denial is refusing to admit an uncomfortable truth despite overwhelming evidence. In this movie the main character Susanna refuses to admit that she tried to commit suicide, Susanna defends herself by saying she had a headache and that's the reason why she drank a bottle of aspirins. Susanna didn't realize that she was actually hurting herself more by denying it. Susanna denied she tried to commit suicide so she can protect herself from the current situation. Finally, denial is not always a bad thing in Susanna's case denial had a good outcome, it gave her time to realize what she has done. It took her a long time to completely realize that her decision was not the best choice. Susanna was making up excuses rather than taking responsibility for her actions, also known as

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