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Suicide Prevention

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Informative Speech Outline 10/8/2014

Have any of you have lost a loved one to suicide? Do you know someone effected by suicide? How many of you have contemplated it yourself?

Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, and most recently Robin Williams have all been victims of suicide.

According to the CDC suicide takes the lives of almost 40,000 Americans every year.
The CDC reports that in 2013, 33,783 people died in MVA and 16,238 died of homicide. It is clear that this is our biggest war.

CBS reports that 18 VETS commit suicide every day.

My name is,______________ I have been a member of a crisis intervention team for 20 years.

Today I want to discuss suicide.

We will go over some of the causes, signs and symptoms and ways you can help.

Suicide is defined in the Webster dictionary as the act of taking ones own life on purpose.

Untreated Mental Illness is the number one cause of suicide.

Suicidal thoughts can be triggered by: • Death of a loved one • Job loss, financial stress • Serious or terminal illness • Drug and alcohol abuse • Bullying or abuse • Not following treatment recommendations • Anniversary of a divorce or death • Traumatic or life threatening events

• Sad for an extended period of time • Withdrawing from family and friends • Anger or rage • Dramatic mood changes • Personality changes • Abusing drugs or alcohol • Losing interest in most activities • Getting affairs in order, giving away possessions • Sudden happiness after a depression can often indicate someone has made the decision to end their life

• You can call the suicide crisis line for advice. • Doctor and Therapy appointments are important. • There are...

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