Summarizing and Presenting Data

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Summarizing and Presenting Data

Team C

Erin E. DeVera, Robin Evans, Cheryl Houston,
Craig Isaac, Burnadette Johnson, Tiffany Pena, Darren Smith
June 25, 2012
Alemayehu Lirenso, PhD

Summarizing and Presenting Data

Summarizing data effectively to communicate concepts with clarity to ensure an understanding by an audience is important when presenting. The central location comprised of mean, median, and mode, followed by the measure of dispersion; standard deviation, variance, skewness, and coefficient of variation are used to evaluate wages, education level, and work experience. Bivariate charts in the form of bar, histogram, line or pie graphs are an effective method of displaying key findings necessary for data analyst and interpretations.

Central Location

Measure of central location is a measure of location within a distribution and summarizes the one score that best describes the centrality of the data. The measure of tendency that best represents the data set in this example is the median for wages as it represents a good indicator of the typical salary within the data set.
| | |Mean |Median |Mode |
|Wages |$3,083,346 |$30,833.46 |$43,036 |$20,852 |
|Education |1273 |12.73 |18 |12 |
|Experience |2038 |20.38 |27.5 |(6, 10) |

Measure of Dispersion
The standard deviation for the wage variable is 16,947.097270249 (16947.10 rounded). This data set has a variance of 287204105.88727 (287204105.89 rounded). This sample has a coefficient of variation of 0.54963332919 (0.55 rounded). The box and whiskers plot shows a skewness of…...

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