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Summary: Decriminalization Of Harlotry

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Decriminalization of harlotry would admit a decline in violence against women in the sex industry. “Prostitutes who experience violence may be reluctant to call the cops since what they're doing is illegal. Sex workers in licensed brothels, on the other hand, can have somebody to back them up, according to a paper by Barbara Brents and Kathryn Hausbeck of the University of Nevada. Brents and Hausbeck interviewed brothel owners and made these observations… The study concluded that "brothels offer the safest environment available for women to sell consensual sex acts for money (Fuchs)”. Sex workers now are prone to not call police during an emergency, due to the fact that there could be serious consequences even for the victim. However, if legal, …show more content…
When criminal penalties are taken from prostitutes, rape rates would decrease sufficiently due to extraction of punishments. Max Ehrenfreund states, about a case originally issued in 2003, “For the next six years until legislators corrected their error, the oldest profession was not a crime in Rhode Island and public health and public safety substantially improved as a result, according to a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research. The statewide incidence of gonorrhea among women declined by 39 percent, and the number of rapes reported to police in the state declined by 31 percent, according to the paper.The study by Baylor University's Scott Cunningham and Manisha Shah of the University of California, Los Angeles contributes to an impassioned, long-running debate about prostitution among advocates for women's rights. Their work appears to be the first quantitative evidence that removing criminal penalties for prostitutes can reduce violence against women and curtail sexually transmitted infections in society generally -- and dramatically so (When...Legalized …show more content…
“Though prostitutes can be seen openly soliciting on the streets in the red-light district, police often pay no heed. Asked what role his department plays in rescuing these girls, the Bombay police commissioner says, "Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession in this world … The society has been accepting it, demanding it and then encouraging it … We are not social workers … we are law enforcers(ABC News)”. Even though police are seen as law enforcers they wouldn’t be doing their job in terms of support toward others, and show more harm to them than they should be. In some cases police harm prostitutes more than pimps or rapists. However, if legalized, prostitutes would be more likely to be seen as victims rather than criminals. The legalization would lower the amount of rapes and other horrible events. A study conducted by PubMed acknowledges this change,”A PubMed study shows that 45 to 75 percent of sex workers will face physical violence in their lifetime and 32 to 55 percent are likely to be victimized every year. Due to accusations, it is estimated that prostitutes will be abused more often by police than by clients, keeping workers reliant on pimps and madams for protection(Arntzen,

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