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In Jessica Hemauer’s memoir “Farm Girl” she talks about her life growing up on a farm. Jessica details her daily activities from the age of ten through high school. Her most important point was to show how growing up different is not always a bad thing. Especially, as you get older and start to understand the difference and how that impacts your life as an older person. “A typical ten-year-old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do chores!” This statement sets the tone of how Jessica feels about getting up at five in the morning and it also shows how Jessica will describe the difference between other ten year olds and herself. She gives details on what she is doing when she gets up at five in the morning. Jessica says “the other kids in my private grade school have just rolled out of their beds inside their subdivision homes an hour before the bell rang” when she has been up for hours. While in school she wanted to be a part of groups and play sports but wasn’t able to do those things. Jessica states “I always have to consider how my chores on the farm will get done”. During lunch she would sit and listen to her classmates talk about all of the afterschool and before school activities they are doing. Which it made her feel sad. Once Jessica was older her parents allowed her to play a sport afterschool. When she got in high school her dad tells Jessica and her sibliling, “He want our farm to continue to grow and he needs more help on the farm than his children can provide”. This meant Jessica and her siblings can now do more school activities and even look into attending a college. Even after doing everything she thought was cool and all the other kids were doing it. Jessica still felt different, out of place and managed to stand out from the others. She states “when I am with a group of my friends, I always seem to be more mature.” Jessica...

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