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22 January 2013

Chapter Summary for Chapter 1 – “Africa”

This chapter describes how Africa was basically the birth place of humanity and its geographical features. The chapter states that Africa is the second largest continent in the world (Asia is the largest).It describes where the Africans originated and how they evolved over time. Also it gives a generally understanding of how the Africans ran there countries.IT gives a brief description of what they did to survive and how things where in there time. The Chapter also explains why African civilizations are important. Key Points:
Paleoanthropologists –scientist who studies the evolution and pre-history of humans- these scientist are a key part to understanding the early state of African humanity because of their research it is concluded that all people today are decent of Africa. They also believe that Ardipitecines which are creatures that walked upright, evolved from Ardipitecines to Homo habilis
The Earliest civilization in Africa and one of the two earliest in the world history is that of ancient Egypt which stared in the Nile River valley. The other of the two is Mesopotamian civilization. In both of these civilization hunting and gathering “gave way’ to the agriculture. Which lead them to become hierarchical and specialized.

Sudan Ghana was the first known kingdom in western Sudan. It was established by the Soninke people in the area in the contemporary republic of Ghana. It may have started as early as the fourth century or as late as the eighth century when Arab merchants began to complement its wealth. Its name originated from the Soninke word for king, which Arab merchants erroneously applied to the complete kingdom.

In Europe and south-west Asia Ghana’s kings were known as the richest of monarchs, and it was trade that...

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