Summary of Globalization

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A summary of “Poverty and Environmental Degradation” by Akin L. Mabogunje
Jon/Feb. 2002

Akin L. Mabogunje want in his article explain the relationship between globalization, poverty and environment. He believes that there is some negative and positive effect. Globalization is vital in progressing, and to rise up the poverty of the world today, it is also the outcome of advanced technology which connected people all over the countries, creating the great global relationships among them. It mentioned that capitalism is essential in this kind of field, because people have the capacity to share a large amount of money in order to make business run smoothly and prosper. Through the transformation technology and manufacturing organization, it encouraged the growth of foreign trade. Farther more, nation-states give an opportunity in every country to share their roles, exchange the riches of countries and other competitor in the economy. With the help of information technology, globalization makes the communications of financial resources faster to go from one place around the world, because of current transfer of great economic resources it might have the possibility to produce or to interrupt the economic fortunes of country, and changes the lives and employment status of many citizens. On the other hand, nation-states should exert more strength to compete for foreign investment, and accomplished and maintain the economic, social and political stability. Consequently, others believe that globalization increases the poverty in some areas of countries, it might be also the equal possibilities to stop poverty. In spite of restriction of globalization on economic growth, human population explosion continued to increase. It says that urban have a greater population and poverty, compared to the rural areas, based in United Nations, usually they cannot afford their basics…...