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1. What is the complete citation of the article? a)Title of the article
Suicidal Ideation and Mental Distress among Adults with Military Service History: Results From 5 US States, 2010 b)Journal name, volume, and issue number American Journal of Public Health. Sep2014 Supplement 4, Vol. 104 Issue S4 c)Date the article was written 2013 d)Author(s) name Blosnich, John R.; Gordon, Adam J.; Bossarte, Robert M. e)Page number(s) (i.e., 45-46) pS595-S602 f)Database where the article was found Ebscohost
2. What was the purpose of the article (what was the author attempting to convey, research, etc.)?
The authors were comparing the association of military service history with past-year suicidal ideation and past-30-days mental distress in a probability-based sample of adults.

3. What were the results of the study?
The authors discovered that the military history status among those aged 40 to 64 years was associated with both past-year suicidal ideation and past-30-days mental distress. The authors found no significant associations among the younger or older age groups.
4. What are the recommendations given by the author for change, implementation, future research, etc.?
It is possible that increases in suicidal behavior after separation from active-duty military service are related to disruptions in social networks and availability of other supportive resources. Research is needed to confirm the increased risk after separation from active-duty military service and investigate the relationship between transition and nonfatal suicide behaviors.
5. What information or literature did the author(s) use to build a case for the study?
Data are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2010 BRFSS. Computer-assisted telephone interviews with probability-based samples of non- institutionalized adults from all US states, territories, and the District of Columbia.
6. Do you think this article can be used for your study? Why or why not?
I think that this article can be used for my research paper based on the idea of the study of veteran suicides.

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