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Summary of Why Nation Fails by Daren a Acemoglu

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The Origins of Power, Prosperity And Poverty
By: Daron Acemoglu & James A. Robinson

This book tells about the town of Nogales which located between the U.S and Mexico borders. The city has the same ethnic, political, geographical, and climate situation which adopted by the Mexican and American style. However, there is one big differences between the North and South side of Nogales, the prosperous and wealth condition between them.
The North side which stand for the U.S border, have good health condition of the residents and good sanitating system supported by the welfare and the wealthy condition of the population of the North side itself. On the other hand, the South side share very same condition as their foreign neighbours, Mexico. The health and sanitation condition is bad and the population itself have high stress condition and low rate of living age since they have low wealth condition. The books try to find a way of how can a city with same demographic and geographical condition can have such social inequality which focusing on the adapted countries (U.S and Mexico).
The root of all the inequality based on the colonization era of both countries in 1950s, whereas Aztecs and Inca (ancestors of mexico) being undertake by Spanish kingdom by taking their elder into custody and force the people of Mexico into doing labor force since they have tight population but without any law and resources such as gold, nickel, etc. Meanwhile, England, led by John Smith, colonialized America which (at the era) have high resources but low population rate. Thus, they’re not concentrate on the laboring section since the population is not as high as Mexico but rather they focusing onto the undertake of the resources. This differences later will make major impact to the growth rate of both countries.
The wrong theories of inequality which told by the book is: geographical...

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