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Summary of Wic Program

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Dietetics Trends and Challenges
Due Thursday, 2/7/2013
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By definition, a trend is a general tendency, movement, or direction. A challenge is a stimulating test of a situation, or an objection against something. Independently, you are to research the internet, peer-reviewed and trade journals, and other publications to determine dietetics trends and challenges. Any resources used must be dated between 2003 and 2013. The areas of dietetics include:
. education: nutrition education/community nutrition
. food production
. management: foodservice/nutrition
. research: foodservice/nutrition.
. medical nutrition therapy (MNT)

For each area of dietetics, locate two trends and one challenge. One resource could be used to address several areas of dietetics. A minimum of five referred resources must be used. You can use referred journal articles from the internet as long as they contain the entire journal reference and not just the URL. Using the table below, list two trends and one challenge for each area of dietetics. Each trend and challenge must be listed as a complete thought. Write using complete sentences. Document references used. You can use an APA or AMA reference style. Keep the format of your references consistent. Print or photocopy the title page or key information as evidence to support the trend or challenge. Type or word-process the assignment. Staple printed/photocopied information to your typed/word-processed materials and submit for course points. Use the following template:

Dietetics Trends and Challenges

|Area of Dietetics |Trend or Challenge (list) |Reference (Document; minimum of 5 referred resources) |
|Community Nutrition & Nutrition | |...

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