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Advertising Changes
Advertisements are carefully designed so that each element helps sell a product. For example, a 1952 Maybelline makeup advertisement and a 2009 Max Factor makeup advertisement both used specific elements in ways designed to reach their audiences. The 1952 advertisement and the 2009 advertisement attempted to reach differing audiences through the use of text, positioning, and models.
The 1952 advertisement contains a small text, a before and after picture of a female model, and a large headline. The small text shows that people, in this case women, liked to find out for themselves what was being advertised through reading. The before and after picture of the female model the advertisement has is much bigger than the text. This lets us know that people might have liked to be informed through pictures as well, meaning they liked to see the differences the products being advertised made.
The 2009 advertisement displays a slightly larger text than the one of 1952, a picture of female model wearing the makeup being advertised, and a large headline too. Due to the text being slightly larger than the one of 1952, we can see that people from nowadays still enjoy reading. The makeup being worn by the models hasn’t changed, women still like to see what the product looks like being worn.
The picture of the female model in the 1952 advertisement is very simple and placed as the background of the advertisement. The model is just looking straight into the camera. The picture of the products being advertised, which are eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, and mascara, is placed at the bottom left corner of the advertisement. The small text is placed at the bottom of the advertisement.
Position in the 2009 Max Factor makeup advertisement is a...

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