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Summary of Becoming a Writer

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Summary of On Becoming a Writer
John Powers
Professor: Dr. Susan Ryan
English 115 – Assignment 1
April 19, 2014

A literacy narrative by Russell Baker “On Becoming a Writer. In this narrative the author explains how he always wanted to be a writer from an early age. During earlier school years he did not enjoy English classes and thought they were boring. Because he was not interested in the classes he always waited until the last minute to complete his assignments. In his third year English class he had a teacher that all the students knew for being a boring teacher he was an older gentleman that didn’t relate with the kids and make the class interesting for the students. In the beginning of the year Mr. Baker felt all the stories he had heard about the teacher were true the class was very boring. Late in the year the students were given an assignment to write an essay and as usual he waited until the last minute to start writing his essay.
When he picked his topic to write about and started writing he got very interested and wanted to start writing more for himself. Due to the requirements of the assignment Mr. Baker did not feel his paper would get a good grade because of all the added writing so he figured he would write another essay for the class. It took him so long to finish writing the original essay he didn’t have time to write another paper for the class so he turned in his original essay. A few days later after the teacher handed out the graded papers he started to read Mr. Baker’s paper aloud in the class. This made him feel so good about the writing he had done because the class was enjoying it and laughing they were entertained. This made him feel like he had an opportunity to write for a living although he knew this wouldn’t happen straight out of high school it gave him a start and an outlook for the future.
I believe the writer’s purpose…...

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