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Summer Blockbusters Need More Trappy Roles For Women Analysis

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Wanted: More Crappy Roles for Women

In the article, “Summer Blockbusters Need More Crappy Roles for Women”, Gwynne Watkins examines how movies have been lacking strong roles for women. She explains how box office revenues have been suffering due to the lack of people showing up to big studio films. She discusses the impact of this uneven male to female ratio and how it creates “a world defined by men”. Although there are movies that portray females as the leading role, there aren’t many. Some movies include great female characters, but ultimately those characters step aside to let the male hero take the lead. It’s said that strong female characters are bad because it means they lack other personality traits. Giving more roles to women isn’t impossible and should be done more frequently. She focuses on how people default to giving strong roles to males when women are just as capable of playing that same part. So, why not provide these women with such roles?
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So, rather than repeatedly giving roles to men, people should think about how a movie would change if a female character was being depicted as the lead. Whether presenting women with a small or large role doesn’t matter. I think this would show people that women are capable of leading their own stories. Women are frequently being underrepresented by the lack of female characters. It is for this very reason that directors should start including more female roles in movies.
Additionally, female characters are being sidelined because people constantly typecast them and underestimate their abilities. Again, this clearly creates an employment imbalance. It seems that including strong female characters is of a lower concern than including male characters. I feel having more roles for women would not only increase the amount of moviegoers, but also eliminate the idea that women can’t be the central character in a

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