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Business Justification:Provide an opportunity in which a college Junior would be able to obtain real life work experince at CIT and possibly seek employment with us after graduation. For Internal Audit, it allows us to work with individuals who will have innovative ideas they learned in school that will give us a different persspective on what we do daily as Auditors.

Position Description (Summary and Essential Day to Day Duties): The individual will be responsible to work beside an expierenced Auditor and participate in an audit. The person's ability to comprehend and execute will determine the level of responsibility they will acquire and how much they will learn. They will participate in the planning stage, fieldwork and wrap-up of audit engagements.

Minimum GPA: 3.3
Desired Majors (i.e. Accounting, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, etc.): Desired is Accounting, or Finance

Please indicate any traits, qualities or characteristics which the candidate may need in order to “fit” within your department’s industry, culture or work environment: The individual should have a desire to learn and be willing to work with different people throughout the department. Our department is made up of driven individuals who work hard, but we work well together because of mutal respect for one another. The person who works with us should be eager to learn, exhibit a good personality and willing to work on various assignments.

Please list any academic/coursework requirements that the candidate must have completed: Completion of two years college course work with a major in Accounting or Finance.

Please describe any additional areas that the intern(s) will gain exposure to in addition to the daily responsibilities (i.e. special projects): Depending on the Intern's ability to grasp assignements will determine if they are...

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