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Summer Medical Career Report

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"Code Blue! Code Blue!" screamed the loudspeaker. A team of doctors and nurses rushed over to the room to perform lifesaving CPR. Meanwhile, I was frantically trying to keep up with the team while at the same time, trying not to get in the way. Why was a high school student following a medical team, you are probably wondering? Well, I was selected to attend the Eve & Gene Black Summer Medical Career program this past summer. This program allows high school students the opportunity to shadow medical personnel at local hospitals. Five of us spent four awe inspiring weeks following medical personnel at White Memorial Medical Center. I can proudly say that I saw birth, death, and everything in between. This program has inspired me to seek a career in the medical field. …show more content…
I was allowed to shadow one-on-one different medical personnel daily from various hospital departments, ranging from podiatry to pharmacy to the lab to surgery and anesthesiology. I took a particular interest in the work of the staff Anesthesiologist and Orthopedic Surgeon, both whom passed along their passion for their specialties to me. I also met many medical residents who advised me on what classes to take in school to prepare for a medical career. The days will be long with studies and rounds, they all told me. I would need to have stamina, perseverance, and drink a lot of coffee to stay awake. Many suggested that I not become a doctor, but become a nurse instead, so that I can have a more fulfilling life with family and friends, while still helping the

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