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Summer Season

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The summer season is one of the main seasons of India. It starts from the month of April and lasts up to the end of June. There is intense heat during these months. The sun shines perpendicularly causing numerous difficulties for the people.

They want to stay indoors, especially during mid-day. They get tired very soon and feel lethargic.

Summer mornings are little bit pleasant and so are the summer evenings. Hence people look busy during these times. They try to finish all their work as quickly as possible because they know that a long hot day is waiting for them. At noon the heat is at its peak.

The towns and cities look deserted. There are few people on the road. Sometimes it is too hot to continue the work. Everything is paralysed. People go inside their houses in the darkest room. They drink cold water again and again just to quench their thirst but they never feel satisfied.

During summer we eat little food. We do not feel healthy and sometimes develop many complications regarding health. Any irregularity in food-habit leads to sickness. Hot wind called loo' blow throughout the day and many die of heat stroke.

The rich people do not have much problem because they have electric fans, coolers and air conditioners. But the poor people have to face hardships. They go on with their work in the open under hot sun.

The season is lazy one. People do not feel active and only want to sit under fan in the cold dark room. It is therefore all schools and colleges are closed during summer for a month or two.

Small rivers, ponds and tanks go dry. The water level goes down which results in the scarcity of water. Sometimes there is no water at all paralysing all kinds of work. Cattle found grazing grounds dry. The grass becomes withered and insufficient. Hence, cattle quench their thirst with muddy and foul water. Even the birds are not seen flying in the...

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