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|Topic |Reading Assignment |
|Introduction to OM and SCM |Chapter 1 |
|Competitiveness, Strategy, & Productivity |Chapter 2 |
|Supply Chain Management |Chapter 15 |
|Forecasting |Chapter 3 |
|Product and Service Design |Chapter 4 |
|Exam 1 – Online 6/11 from noon to midnight |Chapters 1-4, & 15 |
|Capacity Planning |Chapter 5 |
|Process Selection and Facility Layout |Chapter 6 |
|Location Planning and Analysis |Chapter 8 |
| Quality Management |Chapter 9 |
|Exam 2– Online 6/19 from noon to midnight |Chapters 5, 6, 8, 9 |
|Statistical Quality Control |Chapter 10 |
|Inventory Management |Chapter 13 |
|JIT and Lean Operations |Chapter 14 |
|Exam -3– Online 6/27 from noon to midnight |Chapters 10, 13, 14 |...

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