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Assignment: persuasive essay
Title: Encourage socializing

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Date of Submission: 20th of March 2013

Spring, 2013
American University of Sharjah

Essay Title: __ Encourage socializing
I. Introduction Humans are naturally social; they try to expand their connections in many ways. A social network service is an online platform, which introduces the method and the structure of social relations among people who share interests, activities, and backgrounds by interacting over the Internet.
Thesis Statement: However, everything was created to be used in a perfect manner. Humans are there to build not to destroy. The good edge of social networking must be the dominant edge.

II. Body Paragraph One:

Topic Sentence: For instance, we live in a diverse society in which you can hardly find a common ground of interests to share with someone else.

Supporting Ideas/Examples:

A. Egyptian revolution

B. Spending any events with knowledgeable company C. Social networking sites make fitting in easier, as long as you open up a little. III. Body Paragraph Two:

Topic Sentence: Your inner circle of friends and family members will be expanded to reach the circumference of earth once you use social networking.

Supporting Ideas/Examples:

A. Keeping in touch with your family B. Finding old friends. C. Location finding IV. Body Paragraph Three:

Topic Sentence: Social networking strongly improves the social skills for the people who are a shy or nervous when they interact; and kids who structure their social skills.

Supporting Ideas/Examples:

A. Structuring the social skills of the kids
B. Encourage kids to be more social
C. Kids will be updated to newest media literacy

V. Conclusion

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