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Anglo-Dutch Unilever Corporation is one of the top world’s leading suppliers in branded home & personal care and food categories and it ranks at 117th in sales of Global 2000, according to Forbes (2014). In 1995, Unilever has moved a forward step to Asian market by establishing their brand in Vietnam. Up to now, Unilever Vietnam has spent almost USD 300 million on Home and Personal Care brands, Oral Care products, Foods and Tea-based Beverages (Unilever Vietnam 2014). According to W&S Company Limited (2012), brand awareness of Sunslik in Vietnam was 88.3% and rank third after Dove which was 88.8% and the first rank Clear with 96.5% of brand awareness.

Sunsilk Shampoo is a convenient product which is consumed by a large numbers of people in Vietnam because of its reasonable price and premium quality. Sunsilk shampoo is the typical kind of hair care products, which is launched by Unilever’s company in 1954. Currently, there are three popular options for Vietnamese customers to choose including Black, Pink and Yellow Sunsilk which have different functions and benefits to use. Moreover, this product tends to target customers in the middle and low income group. The targeting of this report is to provide an insightful looking into the business situation and performances of Unilever Vietnam. After that, this report will analyse the current situation of Sunsilk brand and then come up with recommendations to improve and expand their business in the next one year.

2) Situation Analysis
a) Company description with a focus on VN.
In 1995, Unilever established the first two brands in Vietnam, Lever Haso and Lever Viso, with the acceptable prices to Vietnamese people. In next two years, Unilever Bestfoods and Elida P/S have established to expand Unilever’s market into food production and Oral Care Products. To create cheaper prices and alternative materials for Vietnamese market, Unilever Vietnam has reached a new position in 2005. It ran the most modern cosmetic factory in South-East Asia at Cu Chi West-North Industry Zone. This factory has adopted Vietnamese’s demand. To date, Unilever focus on developing new products and entering new markets because of economy expanding.

Over 19 years operation, Unilever Vietnam’s mission statement is “make Vietnamese lives better” with a wide range of international quality and acceptable prices products in Home and Personal Care brands, Oral Care products and Bestfoods products. The company has created trust of Vietnamese people by running many society and community campaigns such as “P/S Protects Vietnamese smile”, “Hand-washing with soap for a healthier Vietnam”, “OMO White Shirts for disadvantaged pupils”, “Micro financing for poor women” (About us, 2014).

Unilever is committed to create strong partnership with local business in production processing and material supply. This commitment has helped its Vietnamese partners develop their business. The company also contributes its active to social and community programs across Vietnam. To date, with more than 150 distributors and 200,000 retailers local network, Unilever has created nearly 10,000 jobs for Vietnamese workers. It has helped to improve life for millions of Vietnamese people.

b) Product description (function, features, design, business performance) with a focus on VN.

Introduced first time since 1953 in England, Sunsilk is now sold in 80 countries worldwide. It helps millions of Vietnamese young girls and women to solve their hair problems by “keeping hair soft and smooth till the tips” (Our brands, 2014). Sunsilk are collaborating with the world’s top hair experts and applying their knowledge intro its products. In Vietnam, Sunsilk has three classifications, including Sunsilk Soft & Smooth with yellow bottle, Sunsilk Black Shine with black and Sunsilk Perfect Straight with pink.
+Sunsilk Soft & Smooth: This level is co-created by Thomas Taw come from London, the expert in restoring dry and damaged hair. The product helps young girls and women to treat dry hair to become softer with the special formula of nutritional mixture Ceramide-Macadamia. This product will help women keep their hair to against the hot weather in Vietnam.
+Sunsilk Black Shine: This level is co-created by Jamal Hammadi, the expert of black shine hair. The feature of Sunsilk Black Shine is made from locust or koko, the culture material of Vietnamese women in treatment hair care. Vietnamese girls and women will have a sleek hair naturally by using this product.
+Sunsilk Perfect Straight: This level is co-created by Yuko Yamashita, the expert of straight hair and the creator of straight methods Yuko. By using this level, young girls and women can keep their hair straight whole day. The formula of Sunsilk Perfect Straight is using Keratin and yogurt to protect hair from outside factors.

Product | Sunsilk Soft & Smooth | Sunsilk Black Shine | Sunsilk Perfect Straight | Co-created | Thomas Taw, the expert in restoring dry and damaged hair | Jamal Hammadi, the expert of black shine hair | Yuko Yamashita, the expert of straight hair and the creator of straight methods Yuko | Function | Dry and damaged hair treatment | Giving a sleek hair 3D from all looking | Keeping your hair straight whole day | Formulation | nutritional mixture Ceramide-Macadamia | Locust oil extraction (the culture material of Vietnamese women in hair treatment) | Keratin and yogurt | Usage | Washing Hair and Hair Treatment | Weight and Cost | 180ml 30.000VNĐ 650ml 68.000VNĐ 900ml 97.000VNĐ | |
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