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Ecuador hosted many civilizations. These included the Valdivia and Machalilla Cultures on the coast and the Quitus and Canari cultures in the mountains. The cultures were unique in their art and religious interests but were consolidated under the Shyris confederation for the benefit of trade and barter. The Shyris confederation was ruled by the Duchicela blood line before the Inca invasion. The confederation fought the Incans for many years before being conquered and falling loosely into the Incan Empire in 1463.
I found this really cool story about... well I’ll just tell you the story! When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, the Incan Empire was ruled by Huayna Capac with his sons Atahualpa and Huascar. With Huayna Capac's death in 1525, the empire was divided in two: Atahualpa got the north, with his capital in Quito; Huascar got the south, with its capital in Cusco. In 1530, Atahualpa defeated his own brother, Huascar, and claimed control over the entire empire. Atahualpa's victory was short-lived as he was soon captured by the Spanish conquistadors in Cajamarca, and later killed.
Disease plagued the native population during the first decades of Spanish rule, a time when the natives also were forced into the encomienda labor system for the Spanish. In 1563, Quito became the seat of an administrative district of Spain and part of the Viceroyalty of Peru, and later the Viceroyalty of New Granada.
After nearly 300 years of Spanish colonization, Quito was still a small city of only 10,000 inhabitants. It was here, on August 10, 1809, that the first call for independence from Spain was made in Latin America, under the leadership of the city's president Juan Pío Montúfar. Quito's nickname, Light of America, comes from the fact that this was the first successful attempt to make an independent and local government. The rebellion only lasted two months before it was squashed. The rebellion was an inspiration for the future freedom of the rest of Spanish America.

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