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Once upon a time the 49ers won the superbowl. The last minute touchdown saved the team and made the final score 24 to 27. Soon after the touchdown was made the game winning ball was thrown into the audience in spite of celebration. Sadly no one was able to find the ball in the bleachers. All of the fans were checked at the end of the game to make sure the ball wasn’t stolen. The next day the coach came to the players saying that one dedicated fan offered the team a billion dollars for the ball. The team then knew that they had to find the ball. One teammate suggested to hire a detective but then another came up with the idea to hire a mathematician instead. When the mathematician arrived the first thing he asked was, “In which direction was the ball thrown?” The player that threw the ball then answered, “The ball was thrown west.” So then they went to the west part of the stadium and the mathematician told everyone to split up into two groups, one goes left and one goes right. He brought everyone to the west side of the stadium because he knew that the ball translated to that area. He also knew that the ball could have bounced left or right. The team searching the right side of where the ball would have been translated to found a note saying, “I found your ball but, I won’t let you have it so easy. Go to the centerpoint of the stadium then search for another set of directions.” The mathematician then drew a map of the stadium then found the centerpoint. When they all arrived to the centerpoint they found another note saying to go to the vertex of the inscribed angle that can be created from the two main pillars in the front of the stadium. Since the mathematician knew that a inscribed angle’s vertex could be found by finding where the two chords intersect he lead the way to the final destination. As the team was walking towards the destination one player asked how someone was able to gain access to all of these areas. No one was able to answer. When they arrived they found a 49ers duffel bag then they opened it and found the ball and a note saying, “turn around.” They all turned around to see their coach laughing. He said that their was no money and that he hid the ball to make the team work on their cooperation so that they would be even better next season. The coach was fired within the hour and was forced to pay the mathematician for his work. The end.

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