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Super Soldiers

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Science Fiction’s ideas have always been part of many people’s conspiracies throughout the years. Whether it is raising the dead or aliens are among us. In this paper, I will be talking about one of science fictions classic conspiracy theories, Super Soldiers. When I say Super Soldiers, I mean the kinds that were genetically enhance. I have found that when someone hears “super soldiers’ their minds automatically go to Captain America or Master Chief from the Halo game series. Captain America started as a small lanky soldier that gotten injected with some type of serum that turns him in to the perfect solider. Master Chief taken from his family as a child and was train for eight years before scientist started their genetic testing. Is the military trying to make their own Captain America and Master Chief with a few extra abilities? If so, who is leading the testing and what types of powers are they trying to give to our soldiers? To try to answer these questions I had to start with where did this conspiracy stemmed from. The Beginning of the End by Micheal T. Snyder has led me to the DARPA (the defense advanced research projects agency). Let us have a quick insight into this agency. The DARPA is an agency of the United States Department of Defense that is responsible for the development of new technologies for military use. Established in 1958 their original mission was to prevent technological surprises for example the launch of Sputnik. Over the years, the mission has expanded from preventing surprises to making technological surprises of our own. Could they be talking about super soldiers? Is it possible that this agency is not just working on technology? Could they really be using this as a cover to their super soldier testing? From all of the research that I have done I found that many people think so. Maybe the reason that many people think so is because...

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