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Batman vs. Superman

As a young girl I was born watching Batman and Superman. I like both of them and they were both my favorite super hero’s, but I always had one that I like the most. Batman was the one I like the most because he was unique and had his own deal going on. Also, the movies that I watch the most were the Batman movies. One of the main reasons why Batman is my favorite is because he lives in a Gothic City. The one thing I like the most is when theirs trouble the police turns on the Batman search light in the sky. Both Batman and Superman compare and contrast in many ways, but they both fight for the same reason and like to help people and protect their community from criminals. Batman is one of the unique super hero’s I know because of the way he dresses and saves people. He drives a black automobile with weapons, and it also has a GPS that helps him get to where the crimes are happening. Batman does not really have powers like Superman, but he does have weapons that help him defeat the bad guys and criminals. He is also one of the best criminologist, and a tactician, as well as a master of disguise. He wears a black outfit with a black cap, and his face is cover with a black mask that has bat ears. His element is to help good people from criminals in Gotham City, and he also helps his community to be safe. Batman’s super hero sign is a bat that he puts up in the sky when theirs trouble. Superman is a hero that leads a double life; he works in a newspaper office and becomes a super hero when there is trouble. Also, he hides his super hero clothes under his regular clothes. Superman does not have an automobile, but he does fly in the sky to get to his destination. One of his powers is vision powers (including x-ray, heat, telescopic, infra-red, and microscopic vision). He also has super hearing and super breath, which lets him...

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