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Good morning to my lovely English Language teacher and all my friends. On this lovely day, I am going to share with you about a topic, “SUPERHUMANS”.
Sounds ‘super’ doesn’t it? The word “super” will definitely lead our minds to “Super heroes”. Names like Thor, Ironman and Batman appear in our head. Why do you think we admire these characters? Simple; their superpowers. The fact that we don’t have their amazing capabilities makes us interested in them. Just imagine, I can create complex equations, or ___________ have super strength. Or maybe ________ talk to animals. A human’s desire to have superpowers just gets stronger every day.
Believe it or not, super heroes do exist. But of course, these people are humans like us and don’t wear a costume like most superheroes. They go by the name “superhumans”. Superhuman can mean a better human, or as what humans might become in the future. Occasionally, it could mean an otherwise "normal" human with unusual abilities, such as psychic abilities meaning they can read people’s minds, unimaginable strength or exceptional accuracy at something, far beyond the normal capabilities of us, the normal humans.
Scientists discovered that most of these super abilities are probably genetic or naturally born, and they might also have some malfunction in their system. A good malfunction that is.
For instance, naturally born super human Kim Peek, who has eidetic memory, meaning he has super memory since birth. He memorized 98% of the 12,000 books he has read in his life.
In a few rare cases, some people who were born normal and not superhuman at all, have serious accidents like a severe blow to the head. They actually turn superhuman after the accident. For example, 32-year-old Jason Padgett was severely beaten by two ruffians; doctors say he has a concussion and internal bleeding. Not long after that, he could answer extremely hard mathematical questions and even draw complex geometrical pictures. Turns out, something went wrong in his brain and he became a math genius. But that doesn’t mean you should bang your head into a wall hoping to get A in you math exam.
Nevertheless, superhumans are just like us. They still have problems with their family, fights with their partners and lots of social problems. Sometimes even more! This is because they have a hard time socializing with normal people who don’t understand their capabilities and way of thinking.
Don’t get jealous because they could do math really fast or could paint beautifully despite being blind. We all have our specialities. Even though others might be better, we are not completely useless. We could still achieve great things. Like Puan Balbir says, “Word smart, don’t work hard”.

If we want to be superhuman, just remember all our smart phones, laptops and tablets are superhuman as well. More specifically, artificial intelligence. But that’s another story......

Thank you.

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