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Supersize Your Child?-Summary In the essay Supersize Your Child by Richard Hayes, the author is explaining the pros and cons of genetic engineering. Hayes starts off the essay by giving examples of what could happen if you genetically engineer your child; you could make them attractive, give them photographic memories, or even ensure they have a life span of up to 200 years. The author makes this all sound very attractive to the reader. He also assumes that the reader wants this for their children; the parents want the children to be the best of the best. Throughout the beginning of the essay Hayes gives examples of the progress we have made as a whole in the genetic engineering field. He explains that Science magazine reported that the 5-HTT gene reduces the risk of depression. It can also help depression after stressful events. He then goes into detail about how in 1993 the University of California at San Francisco biochemist Cynthia Kenyon had discovered a gene called DAF-2 that made nematode worms live four weeks instead of their normal two week life span. Hayes then goes into testimony that states if we do genetic engineering that we will mess up the natural selection process. Professor Lee Silver from Yale University also goes into detail and talks about how if we do this genetic engineering the genetic engineered people will be at the top of the classes, running things like politics and large corporations; while the ‘regular’ people would be lower class and working labor and service jobs. Hayes explains that people have one of two reactions when you talk about genetic engineered people, “It’s impossible” or “It’s inevitable”. In the middle of the essay Hayes goes into detail about if it is okay to genetically engineer your children, what are the limits? Another limit that is being argued would be that if is going to be allowed for medical purposes

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