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Superstars and marriage
Din kommentar til “Where is that voice coming from?”: Your analytical essay is much better than your previous one. Your language is fluent and varied, but how much do you know of analysing a fictive text? You have NOT underlines the topic sentences. Do that next time. 10
Last time I forgot to underline the topic sentences, so I will do that this time. Moreover, even though this is not a fictive text, I will try to do a proper analysis. I will also make proper references to the quotes I will be using, since I did not do that in the previous assignment. I will in this assignment look for the most interesting arguments, Gethin Chamberlain’s way to present the conflict, and the different views on the marriage.

The article “How a tale of superstar love fuelled the bitter feud between India and Pakistan” by Gethin Chamberlain, a British photojournalist based in India is about the marriage of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza. A marriage that restarted the old feud between the Hindu-Indians and Muslim-Pakistanis. The two superstars had fallen in love, and decided to get married, but their decision caused a lot of discussion and many problems, just because of their different nationalities. This has lead me to my main question, “Is marrying across boarders still a problem, in our modern society?”
Chamberlain presents the conflict in a very informing, clever and neutral way, and thereby giving the reader a chance to create their own attitude upon the matter. He starts by introducing the main people, Shoaib and Sania, and then describes the conflict their marriage has sparked. By making a simple comparison to the Capulets and Montagues from Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, he describes the severity of the conflict to people who do not know of the fierce feud that has been raging since the partition of India, between Pakistan and...

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