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Supplier Assesment

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1 Introduction 3

1.1 Scope 3

1.2 Process and context 3

2 Questions 4

2.1 Capability 4

2.2 Experience and track record 4

2.3 Capacity 4

2.4 Shared strategic aims 5

2.5 Culture 6

2.6 Organisation and management 6

2.6.1 Quality management 7

2.6.2 Project and programme management 7

2.7 Multi-supplier proposals 7

2.8 Proposed supplier organisation and project staffing 8

2.9 Technical understanding 8

2.10 Proposed management processes 8

2.10.1 Quality management 9

2.10.2 Change management 9

2.10.3 Service provision and management 10

2.10.4 Resource management 12

2.10.5 Capacity planning and management 12

2.10.6 Business continuity and contingency plans 12

2.10.7 Project management 13

2.10.8 Programme management 13

2.10.9 Strategic management 14

2.10.10 Knowledge management and organisational learning 14

2.10.11 Training 15

2.11 Risk management and risk transfer 15

2.12 Supply chain management 16

2.13 Benefits management and delivery 16

2.14 Relationship management 17

2.15 IT-specific questions 17

2.15.1 Business process changes 18

2.15.2 Application development 18

2.15.3 Software and systems engineering 18

2.15.4 Development and maintenance 20

2.15.5 IT service management 21

2.15.6 Infrastructure design and planning 21

2.15.7 Infrastructure and technology deployment 21

2.15.8 ICT infrastructure management 22

2.15.9 Operations management 22

2.15.10 Technical support 22

2.16 Construction-specific questions 22


1 Scope

This document is a supporting resource for the related guidance documents on supplier assessment in the areas of the evaluation strategy, supplier selection, bid...

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