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Engineering change order – a revision to a drawing or design released by engineering to modify or correct a part concept development phase – 1st phase of a project development effort. Here a company identifies ideas for new of revised products and servicesDFM, product design for manufacturability – the systematic consideration of manufacturing issues in the design and development process, facilitating the fabrication of the products components and their assembly into the overall product serviceability, testability – serviceability the ease with which parts can be replaced, serviced, or evaluated. Testability the ease with which critical components or funtions can be tested during production pre-sourcing & pre-approving suppliers – process of preapproving suppliers for specific commodities or parts robust design, variation – design of products to be less sensitive to variations including manufacturing variation and misuse, increasing the probability that they will perform as intended.QFD, quality function deployment, roof –graphical tool used to help organizations move from vague notions of what customers want to specific engineering and operational requirements “house of quality”product development process & consumer –concept dev. Planning, design and dev, commercial preparation, launch development funnel, sequential, concurrent – a process in which the product or service idea must clear specific hurdles before it can go on to the next dev development phase – 3rd phase here the company starts to invest heavily in the development effort and builds and evaluates prototypes line balancing – technique used in developing product-based layouts, as would be found in a production line or group technology produced in large enough volumes to justify keeping a finished goods inventory. assemble to order – products that are customized only at the very end...

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...from chapters 15, 17, 18, 20 of your textbook. This study guide is not intended to be completely comprehensive, replace reading the book, or is it a substitute for class meetings; it is purely an adjunct document. Note: The intended purpose of this study guide is to serve as a learning aid for individual use by students enrolled in MKTG305. As the instructor of record, I want it to be known that my intention is for each student to complete the study guide independently. This study guide is not intended to be completed by “groups of students”. If any students post a study guide or completed study guide or any part thereof in or on any public or semi-public place, including but not limited to web sites, blogs, bulletin boards and sites like “” etc., I will consider this action a violation of the student code of academic integrity and the offending parties will receive a letter grade of “F” for the class. Be familiar with the following concepts and terms: 1. Agent broker. 2. Marketing channel. 3. Direct marketing channel. 4. Electronic marketing channel. 5. Dual distribution. 6. Strategic Channel alliance. 7. Forward integration. 8. Backward integration. 9. Franchising. 10. The 3 degrees of distribution density. 11. Disintermediation. 12. Logistics management. 13. Supply chain management. 14. A responsive supply chain. 15. An efficient supply chain. 16. Total logistics cost. 17. Integrated......

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Walmart Case Study Strategic Management and Leadership (501/1000/7) Learner Name: | Learner Registration Number: | Unit Number: Unit 14 - Strategic Supply ChainManagement and Logistics | Unit Number/Code: D/602/2357 | Credit Value: 15 credits | Guided Learning Hours: 45 | Assessor/Tutor(s) | Internal Verifier(s) | Assignment QA Approval Date: | Date Issued to Learner: | Final Submission Date: | Formative assessment (progress checks) hand in dates. (1)………………………… (2)……………………………… | | Unit AimThis unit provides the learner with the understanding and skills to plan strategies to improve an organisation’s supply chain.Unit introductionThis unit focuses on how the concept of supply chain management and logistics is based on the idea that every product that reaches an end user represents the combined effort of multiple organisations which make up the supply chain and that until recently, most organisations paid attention to only what was happening within their own business. Few organisations understood, much less managed, the entire chain of activities that ultimately delivered products to the final customer. This resulted in ineffective supply chains.In this unit, learners will develop the knowledge that, today, many organisations realise that effective management of supply chain activities can lead to increased customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain activities......

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...Supply Chain Sustainability OMGT 2190 Individual Research Report Student Name: Student ID: Lecturer Name: Course ID: Due Date Table Content 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 Literature Research 4 2.1 Summary of the literatures 4 2.11 Kenneth, M. A, Onyeka, K. O & Paul, N. (2008) - Journal of Business Ethics 4 2.12 Mette, A & Tage, S. (2009) - Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 5 2.13 Francesco, C, Pierpaolo, P & Barbara, S. (2008) - Journal of Cleaner Production 5 2.14 Jorgensen, H, Peder, M & Margaret, J 2003 - The Word Bank Group & IFC 6 2.15 Esben, R. P & Mette, A. (2006) - Journal of Public Affairs 6 2.2 Group materials under meaningful themes and critical discussion 7 2.3 The practical and theoretical implication of the findings 9 2.4 Evidence from published cases and empirical studies 11 2.5 managerial recommendations in translating CSR in global SC into practice 12 3.0 Conclusions and suggestions for future research 14 4.0 Reference List 15 Executive Summary Integrated supply chain has becoming a significantly important role in the competitive landscape because companies are searching for strategic benefits. Apart from the advantages derived from those more coordinated supply chains, certain social obligations become a concern to business. In reality, the codes of conduct in terms of the CSR are developed by many organizations, especially the buying companies, in order to manage the business......

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