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Supply Chain Manual

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Supply Chain Management 1. Procurement Procedures
The calling for tenders to secure supplies of goods and services is an integral part of SCM, as legislation compels public institutions to procure goods and services through this process. A thorough knowledge of the different phases of the tendering process and the accompanying procedures is, therefore, necessary to ensure that public officials procure goods and services timeously and according to their requirements. Therefore the general purpose of this manual is to provide an overview of the procedure for the procurement of goods and services, through price quotations and competitive bidding. 1.1. The Municipality will ensure that the tender process is fair, transparent and equitable and cost effective to all parties more specifically it will: • Clearly separate its role as a purchaser from that of a provider of services • Produce tender documents, which clearly specify the municipality’s required services to allow tenders to bid for and price their work accurately. • Package work put to tender in a manner which encourages competition and the best outcome for residents and ratepayers • Actively discourage improper tendering practices such as collusion, misrepresentation, and disclosure of confidential information • Require any conflict of interest to be disclosed immediately 1.2. Before commencing it is essential that the official leading the SCM has identified the need and fully assessed any options for meeting those needs 1.3. Before undertaking SCM the official shall • Consider all means of satisfying the need; • Consult the SCM to ascertain whether there is an appropriate existing contract or list/panel of contractors/database (list) that should be used. If there is no existing contract and there is a list in existence, then the list must…...

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