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Supply Chain Methods

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Application of Supply Chain Methods

Problem/Opportunity Description: High level of complexity of a vehicle line, with too many possible configurations that can be ordered (approximately 2,000)

Background: Our product began with >10,000 configurations. With high level support, we successfully lowered the number of configurations to 800 for 2014 Model Year, but then increased it to 2,000 for 2015 Model Year with newly introduced features.

While our Supply Chain team is eager to reduce the number of configurations, the high level organization support is no longer there. Further, our Marketing Team believes the higher number of configuration allows more flexibility and maximizes option revenue.

Potential impact: * Long “days-on-lot” inventory for unpopular configurations leads to: * Higher inventory cost from valuable parking lot space * Possible maintenance costs due to “lot rot” or damage from exposure to weather elements * Lost revenue from adding incentives to lower the price and sell the product

* Higher resources to engineer and produce parts/systems to support complexity, including: * Internal costs to update IT systems (BOM), * Complexity and time required to source the parts (receive and negotiating quotes) * Cost of warehousing complex inventory like wiring harnesses that require expensive “sequencing” when stocking the parts on the line * Costs of making and maintaining expensive equipment for parts that are produced infrequently * Because operators don’t often produce some combinations, they may take more cycle time leading to loss-of-production units. This can also lead to higher quality risks if the operator has low familiarity with an operation from low-repitition. * Dealers may ‘gamble’ on configurations they order that they believe will sell and may miss. * Customers...

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...1. 供应链管理概述 任何一个企业都不能孤立地生存,它需要市场、需要各种企业的支持。这些市场和企业联系到一起,形成了一条长长的供需链。所以,供需链是早已客观存在。当前的市场竞争已经是供应链之间的竞争,是一种“合作竞争”。在市场竞争形势下供应链管理(Supply Chain Management,SCM)的意义就更为突出。 实质上,在供应链上的每一个环节都含有“供”和“需”的双重含义。例如,企业的销售部门是市场的供方,但又是生产部门的需方;而生产部门是销售部门的供方,又是采购部门的需方。“供”与“需”总是相对而言、相伴而生的。所以,也有人称它为供需链。 供应链上有5种“流”在流动。这就是信息流、物流、资金流、价值流和工作流。这些“流”相互关联、相互影响,形成了一个完整的系统。 •信息流分成需求信息和供应信息两种不同流动方向的信息流。 •物流是供需链上最显而易见的物资流动。计划与控制功能主要是针对物流的。 •企业的各项业务活动都会消耗一定的资源,消耗资源会导致资金流出,所以企业中有资金流。对此,提供了各种监控资金流动、分析产品获利性和优化总成本的功能。 •各种物料在供需链上移动,是一个不断增加其技术含量或附加值的增值过程。因此,供需链还有增值链的含义。提供了分析增值作业的功能。 •信息、物料、资金都不会自己流动,物料的价值也不会自动增值。要靠人的劳动来实现,要靠企业的业务活动—工作流,它们才能流动起来。 整个供应链管理框架图如下: 点击放大 结合Intranet/Extranet/Internet等新技术,把供应链进一步扩充,可以得到一个全新的现代企业管理模式,如下图所示: 点击放大   从20世纪60年代起,企业就开始了管理信息化的应用,从MRP到ERP,逐步地实现了对采购、库存、生产、销售、财务和人力资源等业务的管理,使其内部业务流程和处理实现了自动化,为企业内部纵向一体化管理创造了不可磨灭的功绩。但是,在经济全球化蓬勃发展的今天,ERP在供应链的跨企业横向一体化管理方面显得力不从心。以前是企业与企业之间的竞争,以后将是供应链与供应链之间的竞争。因此,全球500强企业在经过若干年的ERP应用后又纷纷引入了SCM(供应链管理)。   供应链管理(Supply Chain Management) 是对供应链所涉及组织的集成和对物流、信息流、资金流的协同,以满足用户的需求和提高供应链整体竞争能力。简言之,供应链管理就是优化和改进供应链活动,......

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