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Supply Chain Performance Measurement: a Literature Review

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International Journal of Production Research
Vol. 48, No. 17, 1 September 2010, 5137–5155

Supply chain performance measurement: a literature review
Goknur Arzu Akyuz* and Turan Erman Erkan
Department of Industrial Engineering, Atilim University, Kizilcasar Mahallesi,
06836 Incek Go¨lbasi, Ankara, Turkey
(Received 19 February 2009; final version received 2 June 2009)
This paper is intended to provide a critical literature review on supply chain performance measurement. The study aims at revealing the basic research methodologies/approaches followed, problem areas and requirements for the performance management of the new supply chain era. The review study covers articles coming from major journals related with the topic, including a taxonomy study and detailed investigation as to the methodologies, approaches and findings of these works. The methodology followed during the conduct of this research includes starting with a broad base of articles lying at the intersection of supply chain, information technology (IT), performance measurement and business process management topics and then screening the list to have a focus on supply chain performance measurement. Findings reveal that performance measurement in the new supply era is still an open area of research. Further need of research is identified regarding framework development, empirical cross-industry research and adoption of performance measurement systems for the requirements of the new era, to include the development of partnership, collaboration, agility, flexibility, information productivity and business excellence metrics. The contribution of this study lies in the taxonomy study, detailed description and treatment of methodologies followed and in shedding light on future research.
Keywords: supply chain; performance measurement; metrics; maturity

1. Introduction

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