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Supply in the Navy

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Supply in the US Navy

I work for one of the largest companies in the world. This company is spread out throughout the United States, and even has bases overseas. The company that I’m referring to is the US Navy. Each command within this company has their own mission and requires different things to execute their mission. Spending millions on a weekly basis is very common within this organization. Suppliers have to be ready to ship parts needed out at all times, and be very flexible. The Us Navy spends most of its money on building new ships, supplies for ships, ammunition, and fuel. Without these supplies, they wouldn’t be able to conduct missions around world. I work in a division referred to as Dockmasters. The job of a Dockmaster is to safely dock and undock ships. Daily, I’m seeing twenty to thirty truckloads of supplies being brought to ships before they deploy for a span of nine to ten months. Over the last year, America has seen large cuts in the area of our defense referred to as Sequestration, but the Navy is still spending lots of money to execute. For example, “the request for the Department of Defense (DoD) includes $525.4 billion in discretionary budget authority to fund base defense programs and $88.5 billion to support Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), primarily in Afghanistan. The discretionary budget, $155.9 billion represents the Department of the Navy's budget request. This is a decrease of $1.4 billion from last year's baseline appropriation ().” Even with this new proposed budget, there is still that $1.4 billion decrease from the Sequestration. The military deals with lots of different manufacturers and suppliers that have to be able to get parts and supplies all over world fast. For example, “Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the creator of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet which connects more than 700,000 military and civilian employee accounts, facilitating secure defense communications. Their network size is second only to the Internet itself ().” Hewlett-Packard makes over $8 billion dollars annually off the United States Navy. Another company lots of us may be familiar with is General Dynamics. “General Dynamics produces military vehicles such as the legendary Abrams M1 Main Battle Tank, as well as ships, munitions, and military-grade communication systems. The company has also been awarded an $8 million dollar contract for work on U.S. Navy nuclear-powered attack submarines (). This company profited over $2.6 billion off of the US government. The military doesn’t mind paying, but they do require their parts to be ready to send in a instance. The Navy’s integrated supply approach is really not that drawn out. They identify what they need and they give companies the opportunity to supply them. Companies want to work with the military because they know that the money is there, and that it’s guaranteed work and profit within the company. Most manufactures in the US, want hesitate to sign a contract and produce supplies for the government. The performance and process is companies are always tracked and kept in account. If the military continuities of have problems with the same supplier or that supplier can’t get parts to them when they need it, that when outsourcing begins and other manufactures are brought into play. “Big Navy”, which is the top of our chain of command, identifies these problems and then makes decisions in on which way to go as far as supplying the fleet. The Navy spends lots of money building and repairing ships. They have to be able to show a strong sea power force and at the same time supply these ships to feed and help the crew operate. Suppliers of the Navy understand that parts need to be right and be sent to these commands in timely manner. A strong supply presence is the reason why the Us Navy is the strongest in the world.

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