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Support Systems & Bullying

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Who do you talk to when you are having problems at school such as being bullied? Who do you talk to about your feelings? Or, are you too ashamed to talk to people about being bullied and how you really feel? Do you shut out the people that care about you? Why do you do it? They are there to help you get through the hard times and will never judge. Do you feel like you do not have a true support system? Well the truth is, everyone has a support system some are just to scared to open up to them or go to them with their problems.

Bullying is starting younger and younger these days and becoming more and more of a problem. You might ask well why do people bully and all thought there have been many studies done I do not believe this is a question with a direct answer. Instead, I believe this is a question with many answers. Some people bully to feel better about themselves; some people bully to gain power, some people bully for revenge and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, some people bully just because they can or believe it or not because it makes them feel better about themselves. In the book Nineteen Minutes there is a group of your average typical jocks that are popular and they torture Peter everyday. One day they even went as far as pulling his pants down in the cafeteria exposing him to everyone. Where is the school administration in all of this? Support systems are people such as your friends, family or peers that you can talk to about anything and that you can trust with your life. In the novel Nineteen Minutes Peter felt like he did not have anyone but he actually did – he had the support of his mother he just neglected to see it. She tried so hard to be a part of his life and do things with him but he just shut her out time and time again. Josie in the novel also felt alone and like she could not act like herself around her group of popular friends. I can only imagine how hard it was for her putting on a front just for the popular people to accept her. Josie like Peter also had a support system at home, her mother. Just because Alex, her mother did not always say the right things or no what to do she was always there for Josie no matter what but felt like her own daughter hated her. I can not imagine what that would feel like either .

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