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Surgical Counts

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Informational Speech
Making it count in surgery

Purpose: To prevent retained items in Surgical Procedures

Thesis: My goal is to inform my audience the importance of counting the instruments and sterile supplies for Surgical Procedures.

Organizational Pattern: Topical

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Have you ever heard of someone having a sponge left inside them from surgery? When this happens, it’s because staff did not count correctly. A retained object can cause a patient pain, severe infection, additional surgical procedures and even death.

B. Relevance: According to Joint Commission statistics, Retained Surgical Items are the most reported sentinel events

C. Credibility: I’ve been an Operating Room nurse for 22 years. In that time I have been a was a charge nurse for 6 years, O.R. Clinical Instructor for 8 years and have spent the past year as head nurse.

D. Thesis: My goal is to tell you of the steps we take in surgery to prevent a Retained Surgical Item (RSI).

E. Preview: Let me explain what puts the patient at risk for this adverse event and what steps we take to prevent harm to our patients.

Transition: First you should know that unless the case is emergent, the Operating Room staff counts all of the items that will be used in a surgical procedure before that patient ever comes into the operating room.

II. Body

A. There are a few situations that we are aware of that predisposes a patient to an RSI.
1. The first risk is an emergency procedure. a. If the patient is bleeding or has been rushed to the operating room, the count is no longer the priority b. Saving the patient’s life becomes the critical care needed. c. There is chaos going on. Everyone is performing a lifesaving function. d. When the procedure is over...

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