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Surrogacy in Australia

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Types of Parents and Carers
Biological Parents: A biological parent has provided the genetic material required for parenting. This means that the parent provides the sperm or the ova. Generally Biological parents contribute genetic material as a result of sexual intercourse. However, with assisted reproductive technologies, creation of a foetus may involve other procedures.
Social Parents: Social parents are not genetically related to the child but participate in the role of parenting. Social parents can become parents through adoption, fostering, step-parenting or surrogacy. The parents take on responsibilities of being a parent and may face particular difficulties due to the nature of their relationship with the child.
Adoption: Is the process by which a child is given legal responsibility to a family other than their biological family. There are 3 types of adoption:
1. Child is already placed with prospective parents e.g. step-parent or other relative
2. Local Adoption and Over Seas Adoption (Australia is a signatory to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption)
3. Adoption of children with special needs
Children are no longer considered by law as belonging to or forming part of their biological family. A new birth certificate is issued showing the child as being part of the adopted family, and often the child’s name is changed at the same time. The Adoption Information Act 1990 enables adoptees, at 18 years of age, to have access to their original birth certificates. It also enables biological parents to have access to details of their child’s adopted identity when the child they surrendered turns 18. Both parties need to register their consent before the information can be given out. Challenges that may be experienced by the adopted children include:
 When the child finds out they are adopted they may wish to locate their biological parents...

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