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Survey of Justice and Security

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In today’s society there are many different ways of information around the world. With the rapid usage of the Internet and the access of personal computers, global threats await consumers and businesses that are not prepared or tailored to fight. One of the fastest crimes in the United States and all over the world is cyber-crime. Cyber-crimes are the latest and most complex crimes during this age. Cyber-crime is defined as the disruption communication or electronic devices behavior as it relates to network mainframe, Internet, and telephone. Based on reports, individuals of different ages are committing cyber-crimes due to the accessibility of computers and the ease of committed the crime. The plethora of information on the internet has greatly increased the threat to national security. The 21st century internet, coupled with the social networks, has made it very easy for terrorist to communicate enabling them to commit cyber terrorism. Research conducted by the United States Institute of Peace concluded in 1998 approximately 15 terrorist organizations established websites on the internet. That numbered doubled in 2000 and more than quadrupled from 2003 to 2004. Although the research have overwhelmingly proved terrorist websites exit, those who would have an influence on regulating the websites have chosen to overlook them (Weimann, 2004).
From 6 February through 14 March 2011, Norton by Symantec Corporation released a Cyber Crime Analysis Report based on an online survey of 19,636 respondents from 24 countries. The report revealed a total of over four-hundred million adults were victims of cyber-crime within a year of the study; which equated to fourteen victims per second; eight hundred twenty victims per minute; and close to fifty-thousand per hour (Charette, 8 Sep 2011). In an effort to combat cyber threats, Microsoft unveiled a Cyber Crime Center located...

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