Survey of the Old Testament of the Bible

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The book of Genesis is primarily narrative scripture. Since Genesis is the first book of the entire bible, the focus is on GOD’s Creation and how through the lives of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, he demonstrates his power over them in maintaining his creation. The events of the Fall of man and the Flood are paramount in this book. Genesis begins with GOD creating the world, and everything, and everyone (Adam and Eve) in it. The Fall began when Adam and Eve disobeyed GOD, introducing sin into this world. As mankind multiplied, so did sin. GOD confirmed his power over all things in flooding the earth to rid it of sin, choosing only to keep Noah and his family. Abraham, descendent of Noah, and his lineage was then chosen by GOD in a covenant to be His new nation called Israel. Abraham’s son, Isaac, and Isaac’s son, Jacob continued to be chosen people, kept by GOD throughout trials and tribulations. Jacob’s son, Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers only to rule over them and the rest of his family in Egypt during a great famine of that time, closes out the book of Genesis.


The book of Exodus is primarily narrative scripture. This book focuses on the oppression of GOD’s chosen people in Egypt, their departure and journey out of Egypt to the Promised Land led by Moses, and GOD’s covenant with them. Exodus begins where the book of Genesis ends with the 12 tribes of Israel now in Egypt given that Joseph, one of the 12, was there in a position of authority. The original 12 have all passed and their lineage suffered oppression under new Egyptian leaders, Pharaohs. GOD called upon Moses, born in the family line of one of the 12 tribes, Levi, to lead his people out of bondage. Through Moses, GOD demonstrated his power over all things by inflicting Egypt with plagues when Pharaoh refused to let Israel go. The…...