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1) Timbre
Encompasses: The difference in sound quality that distinguishes one instrument from a different type of instrument. (e.g. a piano has a different timbre than a flute) & Jazz performers strive to produce variety of timbres on their instruments often through mutes. 2) Jazz soloists -­‐clarinet, Alto and or tenor saxophone, trumpet and/or cornet, trombone 3) Blue notes -­‐frequencies that fall in between that standard pitches of the major and minor scales.
4) Triads - Basic chord of European and American harmony. It consist of 3 pitches. ‐may be either a consonant or dissonant
5) Extended chords -­‐triads with extra thirds added, commonly used in Jazz.
6-­‐7) Meter -­‐the organization of stressed and unstressed beats into regular patterns. -­‐duple meter 8) Principal/characteristic rhythmic traits of jazz -­‐Be able to list them
9) Syncopation -­‐accenting the weak beats and placing rhythms in between beats.
10) Polyrhythm -­‐layering multiple, independent rhythmic patterns on top of each other.
The superimposition of one rhythmic pattern on top of at least one other.
11) Call and response...

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