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ARTH 1380 Art & Society
Prehistory to Gothic
MWF 10:00 -11:00 a.m.
FA132- Dudley Recital Hall

Instructor: Dr. Sarah Kielt Costello Office: FA104A Office Hours: M/W 9:30 – 10:00 a.m. or by appointment e-mail:

Graders: (to be determined)

Course Description:
An introduction to the history of Western art through a survey of painting, sculpture, architecture and crafts from the prehistoric era through the medieval period. Emphasis will be on understanding art as an expression of the culture that produced it, and as a means of understanding historical context.

We will follow a historical progression, studying a number of cultures and periods in turn. The best way to succeed is to read the textbook before each class, attend every lecture, take good notes, and study each week. Be advised that you simply cannot learn this material at the last minute.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will attain, through lectures & reading, and will demonstrate through three exams and two papers knowledge about the art and cultures of the western civilization (from prehistory through the Medieval period). Students will develop observation, analytical & writing skills through the writing of two papers on works of art.

The exams will consist of multiple choice questions based on slides, assigned reading, and lecture notes. You will be provided with a list of images & terms that you need to know for the exam. No other images will appear on the exam. A written medical excuse is required to take a make-up exam, otherwise, you will receive a failing grade for that assignment.

One four-page paper and one six-page paper (requiring visits to local museums) will be assigned. I will provide more information in a separate handout. A written medical excuse is required if a paper is late; otherwise, there will be a five-point-per-day deduction. You will submit your paper to, an anti-plagiarism website. This site will find similarities to published works as well as to other student work; penalties for plagiarism are harsh. Be sure you get a receipt from the site confirming your paper was received or penalties for tardiness may ensue.

The final grade will be determined as follows: Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Exam 3 20% Paper 1 20% Paper 2 20%

I use a standard grading scale, based on the following: A 93 - 100 A- 90 – 92 B+ 87 – 89 B 83 – 86 B- 80 – 82 etc.
I will round up to a higher grade ONLY if you are within a half point of that grade. There is no curve. There is no extra credit.

Classroom etiquette:
Our classroom tends to be pretty full. Please show courtesy to your colleagues, and to me, by observing the following rules: • Please come to class on time, and refrain from leaving early, so you don’t disrupt the class. • No computers, cellphones, or other electronic devices may be used during class. Please silence these devices and put them away. See me for special permission if you must use your laptop to take notes. • Please feel free to ask questions during lecture.

Textbook & Required Reading:
Required: Stokstad, Marilyn, and Michael Cothren, Art History, 4th edition. Vol. 1

Some options for purchasing: Our department worked hard to negotiate a good price for this textbook, if you buy it new through the bookstore. If you buy it new, you will also get a code for “myartslab,” a set of online study materials that students have found very helpful. I recommend this option.

However, if you want other buying options, you can try: 1. Just be sure you are getting the Stokstad/Cothren book, published by Pearson, that covers ancient and medieval art. You won’t get the myartslab code with a used book, however. 2. Direct from the publisher, at 3. Buy the third or (preferably) fourth edition used, or use the copy on reserve in the Architecture and Art library. 4. Buy the e-book. 5. Rent the textbook.

Optional: Look! Art History Fundamentals (3rd Edition). Anne d’Alleva. Publication Date: July 2, 2010 | ISBN-10: 0205768717 | ISBN-13: 978-0205768714 | Edition: 3. This book is available used online for about $15. It will help you write your papers for this class, particularly if you have little experience writing in the humanities or working with visual culture. Available on reserve at the Jenkins library, under my name.

Important notes:
a. No written work will be accepted via e-mail. No exceptions.
b. Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments is requested to speak with me during the first two weeks of class. All discussions will be confidential. Students who have disabilities are encouraged to register with the Center for Students with DisABILITIES (713-743-5400 or

This course is supported by a Blackboard Learn website. Your syllabus & other materials will be available on that site. I will post lecture slides in PowerPoint on the site; these are not meant to replace your attendance at lecture, but rather to supplement it. I will also post images to study before each exam. Grades will be available on this website. There are discussion boards available; check these from time to time, especially before class discussions and exams or in case of a weather emergency. You may use the website to contact me and other students. Please note that in Blackboard Learn, all messages go to the email you have registered with the university. Check that setting and be sure it’s an email address you check. If you need assistance, contact Please note: YOU are responsible for accessing the site and getting technical help if needed.

I welcome your questions via e-mail or Blackboard, and will try to respond to them as quickly as possible. However, if you suspect that your question has already been answered in class or on this syllabus, please first review the syllabus, then ask the question of your peers on the discussion board before asking me.

Schedule of Lectures and Assignments:
Please do the reading before class the day it is listed.

Monday, August 26
Introduction to course. Paleolithic art.
Read: 1. Stokstad, Starter Kit & Introduction. Pp. xxi-xli (Portable Edition xiii-xxxiii). Pay particular attention to pp. xxiv-xxv (Portable Edition xvi-xvii), on Content, Style, Medium and Technique; and xxix-xxxvi (Portable Edition xxi-xxviii), on analyzing works of art. Make sure you understand all these terms and methods.

Wednesday, August 28
Paleolithic art, cont’d.
Read: Stokstad 1-13

Friday, August 30
The Neolithic period: Catal Hoyuk
Read: Stokstad 13-25

Monday, September 2
Labor Day Holiday

Wednesday, September 4
Near East: Neolithic; First Cities
Read: Stokstad 26-32

Friday, September 6
Near East: First Cities

Monday, September 9
Near East: Kings
Read: Stokstad 33-38

Wednesday, September 11
Near East: Kings
Read: Stokstad 39-47

Friday, September 13
Near East: Empires

Monday, September 16
Egypt: Monuments of Immortality
Read: Stokstad 49-64

Wednesday, September 18
Egypt: New Kingdom
Read: Stokstad 64-79

Friday, September 20
Bronze Age Aegean: Cyclades, Knossos
Read: Stokstad 80-90

Monday, September 23
Bronze Age Aegean: Akrotiri
Read: Stokstad 90-92
PAPER 1 DUE by 11 pm. Submit electronically to the link on our Blackboard site.

Wednesday, September 25
Bronze Age Aegean: Mycenae
Read: Stokstad 92-99

Friday, September 27
Aegean Bronze Age, cont’d

Monday, September 30
Exam 1: Paleolithic - Bronze Age
Arrive to class on time. Bring Scantron answer sheet #4521 (available at the main campus bookstore).

Wednesday, October 2
Greece: Homer & Greek Art: The Heroic Ideal
Read: Stokstad 100-105

Friday, October 4
Greece: The Heroic Ideal and Greek Sculpture
Read: Stokstad 105-128

Monday, October 7
Greece: Worshipping the Gods: Temple Architecture
Read: Stokstad 128-140

Wednesday, October 9
Greece: Vase-painting
Read: Stokstad 140-148
Friday, October 11
Greece: The Hellenistic Age: Pergamon
Read: Stokstad 148-157

Monday, October 14
Etruscans: Painted tombs
Read: Stokstad 158-168

Wednesday, October 16
Roman art: Portraits of the Republic
Read: Stokstad 168-174

Friday, October 18
Roman art: Augustan ideals
Read: Stokstad 174-178

Monday, October 21
Roman art: Pompeii
Read: Stokstad 178-187

Wednesday, October 23
Roman architectural achievement: The Colosseum & the Pantheon
Read: Stokstad 187-203

Friday, October 25
From the Empire to the Middle Ages: Shifts in Visual Expression
Read: Stokstad 203-215

Monday, October 28
Greek and Roman Art wrap-up

Wednesday, October 30
EXAM 2: Greek - Roman Art
Arrive to class on time. Bring Scantron answer sheet #4521 (available at the main campus bookstore).

Friday, November 1
Class cancelled. Recommended: Visit Menil Collection; work on paper #2.

Monday, November 4
Late Antiquity: Jewish & Early Christian Art during the Roman period
Read: Stokstad 216-233

Wednesday, November 6
Late Antiquity: Early Christian art, continued.

Friday, November 8
Byzantine Art
Read: Stokstad 233-259

Monday, November 11
Byzantine Art

Wednesday, November 13
Islamic Art
Read: Stokstad 260-289

Friday, November 15
No lecture. PAPER DUE by 11 pm on Friday. Submit electronically to the link on our Blackboard site.

Monday, November 18
Early Medieval Art: Small kingdoms
Read: Stokstad 422-437

Wednesday, November 20
Early Medieval art: Charlemagne
Read: Stokstad 437-451

Friday, November 22
Romanesque Art: The Pilgrimage Church
Read: Stokstad 452-473

Monday, November 25
Romanesque Art: Sculpture
Read: Stokstad 473-489

Wednesday, November 27
Thanksgiving holiday

Friday, November 29
Thanksgiving holiday

Monday, December 2
Early Gothic Art in France: St. Denis
Read: Stokstad 490-507

Wednesday, December 4
Gothic art, continued
Read: Stokstad 520-521; 548-549; 555-556

Friday, December 6
Exam 3: Late antiquity - Gothic Art
Arrive to class on time. Bring Scantron answer sheet #4521 (available at the main campus bookstore).

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