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6 Mughal Gardens to Visit During Kashmir TripConstructing Mughal Gardens was the most beloved pastime of the Mughal imperials. Mughal Gardens in Srinagar are basically the gardens that were built during the reign on Mughal Emperors. Influenced heavily by the concept of Persian Gardens or the charbagh, these gardens drew heavily upon Persian style of architecture. The common features that all Mughal Gardens share is the rectilinear layouts within the walled structure with canals, fountains, pools of running water and several species of shade providing trees , flowers, fruits and aromatic grasses.
No other emperor is credited with taking the garden architecture and floral designs to the height as Shah Jahan the pinnacle of which was reached when he constructed the sprawling funeral paradise Taj Mahal in Agra to commemorate his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. But in this write up we are not going to talk about the Taj Mahal. Instead we’ll focus on some of the other but equally impressive Mughal Gardens in Kashmir which the Mughal adopted as their summer capital. So read on about the top Mughal Gardens in Kashmir that you must visit if you are planning your tours to Kashmir.
Nishat Bagh

A garden of bliss, a garden of joy, a garden of delight, whatever one chooses to call it, Nishat Bagh in Srinagar is exceptionally beautiful in every sense of the word. If one looks back in the pages of history, the Mughal era is likely to feel the most dominating one in Kashmir. After dethroning the mightiest of kings, these rulers of Persia set their foot in Kashmir in the 16th century. It was the sheer beauty of the valley that enticed them to conquer and rule. The glory days came with Jahangir, who was an avid art lover and who developed an undaunted love for Kashmir. He set the pace for the construction of some of the most splendid attractions in Kashmir, and that includes Nishat...

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