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Susan Beth Pfeffer's Short Story 'Ashes'

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Susan Beth Pfeffer’s short story, “Ashes” tells us of a girl named Ashley who has divorced parents. The difference between the two figures being Ashes’ mother is prepared for anything, yet her dad is unreliable. Ashes’ father hopes to manipulate her into “borrowing” money from her mom to better himself and his life. Facing the end, Ashes is forced to make a choice between being the one in a million girl that is trustworthy and dependable, or that one in a million girl that would steal for those she cares for. One lesson the story suggests is that being selfish can make one manipulative and take advantage of others. From the beginning, the description of Ashley’s father is unreliable and encouraging. He is present, yet in the same moment, not present. Pfeffer describes how, “I have a chance at something really big,” he said. “All I have need to do is put together a little financing and I'll be set for life.” Ashes’ dad is selfish as he does not incorporate the daughter into his plans, but continues to want Ashes to go about “borrowing” money for him, making him appear even more self-centered. Another detail displaying an idea of manipulation is that Ashes’ father encourages or sweetens up Ashes. He tells her she is special and can do anything she wants. “You are …show more content…
The love Ashes’ father feels for his daughter is dismissed as he uses her for his own good and therefore manipulates her character. Ashes believes that the man is a rescuer, yet he is not. “When I was little, dad used to promise me the stars for a necklace, but like most of his promises that one never quite happened.” Ashes doubts that her dad didn't care about her, he confirmed it in the way of acting nice and falsely “buttered” her up. One may not realize the expanse of their actions, sometimes wrong or horrible, based upon the influence of others as well as a personal need to help loved

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