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Susan Glaspell's A Jury Of Her Peers

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Men don’t think the same way as women do. Women may at times overthink and overanalyze things.While men are very straightforward and just don’t even think at times. Men don’t understand women like women understand women. In a moment of crisis women often find solidarity in each other. Women. They stick together. In the short story “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell, Mrs.Hayes and Mrs.Peter work together to save Minnie Foster. They realized that they as women needed to stick together. The men were out and about looking for clues about who killed Minnie Foster’s husband. While the clues were right in front of them. All the trifles were in plain sight, the men and women saw it.The trifles that the men found as “useless” clues, the women could find the truth. The trifles symbolized the strength and bond that only the women shared and understood.
Miss Minnie Foster left a “nice mess” in her house when she left (6) . At least that's what the men see. Everything that was in the kitchen that they saw, that was a “mess” -- the exploded jars, the dirty towels, and the unfinished work --was a key part of the murder. While Mrs. Hales was sympathetic about Mrs. Foster's jars exploding the men laughed about how she's “held for murder, and worrying about her preserves” (6). The women understood the hard work and dedication that was
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Mrs. Hale knew that that something must have happen for her to just stop whatever she was doing. She saw that “things begun-- and not finished” (10). What could have happened to Minnie Foster for her to just leave and abandon what she was doing? The women knew something was up if she just left everything half done. Mrs Hale would have never left anything unfinished “unfinished things bothered her” (8). They didn’t notice any motives for anger but they did notice that “ it was as if her mind tripped on something” (10). The women knew that she never came back to finish her

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