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Sustainability Education

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This essay will respond to the following statement: “It could be argued that when one thinks deeply about the future, this thinking provides possibilities to change behaviour in the present.”. With this in mind, the challenges and benefits of ecologising education now and for the future will be discussed further. We enjoy many of the beautiful landscapes of our vast land, but if we take a closer look, we begin to see that the Earth is truly in the midst of an environmental existential crisis. The average Australian’s ecological footprint is 7.8 global hectares per capita, which amounts to three Earths, to sustain the lifestyle we have at present (Network, 2012). This statement is rather confronting, as it prompts the thought of a possible diversion from the direction that humanity has followed in the past. It is a wakeup call to those that inhabit this planet, as this is a crucial time for making changes that are sustainable; one does not have the luxury of time for deep contemplation. Now is the time for acting. Potentially the most effective way to ensure that the resources, social and economic stability and the environment of the present day will be sustained for future generations is through educating present and future generations in conservation, sustainability and incorporating an ecological approach into our curriculum and pedagogy. The value of education for sustainability (EfS) is increased awareness of all who live on this land, communities, educational institutes and government agencies working together through education of sustainability to shift peoples thinking. This includes generations of young people who can make a positive difference. Burch, (2012) agrees that it is an investment tool for present and future generations. Early guidance and the understanding of cause and effect must be embedded in the foundation of a practical...

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