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Sustainability in Australian Business: Principles and Practice

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The Relevance of Sustainability in Marketing Decision Making

Sustainable marketing calls for socially and environmentally responsible actions that meet the present needs of consumers and businesses while preserving and enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Kotler & Armstrong 2012, p. 582). The aim of sustainable marketing is to satisfy the customer’s the needs and wants while also putting high emphasis on the environment and the social issues and thus creating profits in a socially responible way. Mention triple bottom line While traditional marketing is a process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. (Kotler & Armstrong 2012, p. 5)
This essay has been prepared to identify and understand the role of sustainabilty in marketing decision making and its impacts affecting current and future business operations. 1.1. Research Methods
Data was collected based on qualitative research. Books, internet and online journals were used to identify different roles of sustainability in marketing. Sustainibilty of marketing by itself is a vast area for study, hence this paper will only focus and critically analysis some of the key aspects of s.m. The topics explored in this research are I. Role of sustainability in marketing II. 1. Sustainable Marketing practices adressing the triple bottom line.
Sustainable marketing concept is quite fresh in todays organizaitons as more and more organizations are trying to bring in the sustainable marketing concept into their business operations and reaping long term benefits for themselves the consumers they serve and the environment from previous practices as shown in the diagram below. Fig: 01 – Moving Towards Sustainable Marketing (Belz & Peattie...

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