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Sustainability means different things to different people. Generally, it refers to a concentrated effort to design, build, and operate buildings in an efficient and resource-saving manner. By definition; Sustainability is based on the selection of appropriate materials and practices to make a healthy working/living space with minimal negative impact on the environment. Universities all around the United States are researching and implementing new ways to become a more sustainable, “greener” place to learn. Below are some ideas that could possibly be considered in an attempt to make a more sustainable university.

Bicycle stations providing rentals to students and staff can be used in an effort to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and automobile congestion as well. Free bikes could be issued to every incoming freshman who signed a pledge that he or she would not bring a vehicle to campus for their entire first year of college. Since our campus is mainly commuters, this idea may not be as effective but would still decrease CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Wind turbines use free kinetic energy (“wind”) and convert it into usable power which can provide electricity for buildings throughout the university. Wind energy is clean, renewable, and good for the local economy. It also does not produce pollution or omit greenhouse gases. Wind is a renewable energy resource; it is inexhaustible and requires no "fuel" besides the wind that blows across the earth. This means energy costs are lowered while also being more sustainable. There are plenty of hills around campus that a wind turbine(s) could be installed for maximum wind speeds.

Another idea would be to propose a storm water management program that both reduces demand for water and helps to preserve the regional watershed. This could reduce storm water runoff through rain gardens or green roofs,...

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